Joran Elane

Vocalist, Songwriter, and Composer

Joran Elane (award-winning singer and co-founder of the fantasy band Elane) published her first solo album “Glenvore” in 2014. Since then she has released numerous singles while also working on her side projects Elenniyah and Skyful of Dreams. She is a sorceress, bard and storyteller of the modern era. Swept away by deep emotions she goes on a quest which she mirrors in her intense romantic music: songs arranged for orchestra, often accompanied by guest artists from near and far. She invites you along to a magical journey where the stars shine brighter again, and dreams and legends come to life. This type of music will probably delight fans of Enya, Loreena McKennitt and Elane. Let yourself be enchanted by the incredible sounds of Glenvore…

Lara Ausensi

Vocalist, Songwriter, and Composer

Lara Ausensi is a vocalist and composer featured in the awarded VST vocal libraries "Forest Kingdom 3" and "Shevannai, the voice of Elves" masterfully sampled and developed by Eduardo Tarilonte.

Lara is both a classically trained pianist and soprano, who has specialized in the genres of Celtic music, jazz, and world music. She is also the vocalist of the folk band Carrión Folk, with whom she is preparing a new single to be released soon.

She has collaborated with composers such as Iván Torrent, Jo Blankenburg, Siddhartha Barnhoorn, Fran Soto and Jonathan vd Wijngaarden, to name a few.

She is currently working on several projects, including a videogame soundtrack with Sekond Prime, and her own music to be released in late 2023.

Aria Siren

Soprano and Composer

Aria Siren is a vocalist, songwriter and producer from Germany.

Aria Siren is the official singer of Pawl.D Beats (Viking producer).


Cinematic Composer and Producer

Emerging from a foundation as a childhood pianist and multi-instrumentalist, the music of cinematic composer Bryant Kane, under the alias Artifex, offers a refreshing blend of time-honored melodies and contemporary soundscapes. His musical inspirations span from the symphonic genius of Dvorak, Grieg, and Tchaikovsky, to modern maestros like Thomas Bergersen and Hans Zimmer. Beyond the orchestral realm, electronic elements and rock influences are very apparent in his compositions.

The name “Artifex" -- practitioner of an art, craftsman, creator -- and symbolic emblem, inspired by a serendipitous play of light on a statue, reflect his approach to music: meticulously layering upon a silent canvas to build something greater than the sum of its parts. Through his creative endeavors, Artifex hopes not just to entertain, but to kindle the creative flame in others, celebrating the boundless potential of cinematic music as a tool for inspiration.

Ceej Boy

Cinematic Electronic Producer

His name is Ceej Boy tho most people know him as CJ. He is a electronic music producer known for creating different types of electronic music from dubstep to future bass to other types of music. His name is most known for dubstep. He loves taking different genres and making something entirely new out of them. CJ has a passion of trying new things never done before. He quoted "Do not be afraid of trying new things even if you do not succeed because at the end of the day you can say at least I tried"! He never gives up even if things go wrong. that is what makes him the person he is known for.